by Elke Bojanowski

Welcome to underwaterimages.de !

This webpage is basically a playground and showroom for my favourite underwater photographs. About time too, after five years of working as a biologist & dive guide in Egypt, four of those with an underwater camera... throughout that time, I accumulated thousands of pictures of marine life, a selection of which is shown here now.

You are invited to scroll through the different pages and photo galleries. The majority of those pictures were taken in the Egyptian Red Sea, from Sinai in the North all the way down south to Abu Fandera. I sorted those photographs into different categories, so you can easily find your favourites in there...

A separate gallery is devoted to the Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Carcharhinus longimanus, my study object since October 2004. Besides showing some of my favourite images of this shark species, you will also find a link to the webpage on my research with the oceanics...

The Indonesia-gallery show images taken on a 2-week live-aboard in North Sulawesi in June 2007. First class muck-diving and critter-hunting !

I hope, you enjoy yourselves in here!

Elke Bojanowski, Hurghada, Egypt